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water damage

Damage from flooding can occur in your home or business when you least expect it.  A pipe burst can cause an overflow of water resulting in damaged flooring and walls. Perhaps you started a load of laundry and went running errands only to come back to find your washing machine hose was faulty and water has flooded your home.  The threat of damage from flooding can come from outdoor sources as well as indoor sources.  If your yard’s irrigation is not properly setup, water may build up against the exterior of your home causing damage.  Whatever the cause of flooding, MrRestore has the team and equipment to mitigate the damage and restore the property to pre-flood conditions.

Repair requires a trained eye to identify correctly the areas that need replacement.  If the water restoration services do not address all of the damage, the potential of mold build up, and additional structural damage is possible.  Mold in your home is a health hazard and can result in costly future repairs.

Do not trust your flooding clean-up to just any damage restoration company, with MrRestore you can have the confidence in knowing each flood restoration service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Statistics show that damage from water is up to 8 times more likely to occur within a structure than any other catastrophic event. Damage from water to a structure generally creates damage that continues until the water is removed and an acceptable moisture content level is achieved within the affected materials. Mr Restore minimizes these damages with damage restoration, restoring what was ruined to its original condition. If water is left unattended, secondary damage can cause added issues such as additional structural repairs, content replacement, environmental concerns, loss of business, and costly administration/management of prolonged projects. Our professionals understand what actions need to be taken when damage from water occurs, and pursue the damage repair process immediately after we receive your call. Our project managers are certified through the American Drying Institute– the industry leader in structural drying technologies. Our customers receive constant photo and written updates on the progress of their damage restoration process, through Job-Dox system software, so customers are up-to-date and confident about their restoration process.

water damage

Commercial Damage

MrRestore provides commercial damage clean up for businesses. Water or flood damage to your commercial property can result in expensive repairs as well as business interruption. To limit the impact of a disaster to your business, MrRestore offers both pre-loss and claims-related services. Put MrRestore to work for you BEFORE your business suffers any damage from water or flooding.

water damage

Residential Damage Restoration

MrRestore provides home damage repair services. When your home and belongings are threatened by water or flooding, let MrRestore get you back to normal, faster. We use cutting edge technology and proprietary practices to provide the most-effective and efficient full-service restoration services. We work with your insurance company to make certain all of your covered losses are recovered. As our customer, your needs are our priority.

Having your foundation inspected can go a long way towards saving your home from significant damage in the event of a flood. Sealing any cracks or damaged areas will keep water that might not be otherwise visible from accumulating, a service that will prevent things like mold from growing. In the same way, ensuring that your home’s siding is in good repair is also very important, as this element of your property can become damaged by flood waters. Siding can become damaged and depending on its composition and can rot at ground level if your home doesn’t have an appropriate gutter system to divert rain run-off from your house’s exterior.

Investing in a battery-powered sump pump can help you pump water out of any areas that might become flooded. Having a unit that is battery operated ensures that even if your electricity service is out (a common occurrence in flood situations) your pump won’t be. Having backup batteries for this highly useful piece of equipment are a must.