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Should You Use the Restoration Company Recommended By Your Insurance Carrier?

Posted by: Mr. Restore
Posted on: Monday May 21, 2018 at 9:47 AM
Should You Use the Restoration Company Recommended By Your Insurance Carrier?

In the unfortunate event that a disaster damages your home. If it's a big enough event that you can't handle the repair and clean up alone - immediately, then you need to contact a professional restoration company. Whether water has invaded your home, a fire has destroyed your belongings, or a storm has damaged your property, you will need to find a restoration company that will get your home or business back to normal - faster. Often times the insurance company will suggest a restoration company for you to use. Most people do not know that you are NOT required to use the restoration company that your insurance carrier recommends. In fact, it would be in your best interest to research and pick your own restoration company. Our experienced professionals at Mr. Restore break down some things to think about when selecting the restoration contractor you want to take care of your home or property. Consider this: Insurance Companies Are Running a Business

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. The model is to make money off of collecting premiums and not paying claims. If you collect more premiums than you pay out, it's profitable. If you pay more than you collect, it's not. Claims are going to happen, insurance carriers are betting that they will have fewer payouts than premiums collected. An easy way to help influence what gets paid out and, as a result, their profitability is by controlling the vendor that is repairing your home or property. If a restoration company has a relationship with your insurance carrier (Not your Agent - that's an entirely different subject, and we will address that as well), they will most likely have an agreement to complete the job for the least amount of money. This is what is called being on a "vendor program." There is an understanding that if the insurance carrier recommends them for a job, they will complete the project with the intention of saving the insurance carrier some cash. They are being paid for their loyalty to the carrier, NOT to you. Restoration companies that are recommended by insurance carriers generally have some contractual obligations that tie them to the insurance carrier. This creates a conflict of interest where their primary concern is taking care of the insurance carrier and not you. This is where vendor program companies can ensure they secure the next project from the carrier. Ultimately, you cannot trust that the restoration company your insurance carrier recommends has your and your family's best interest in mind. The preferred restoration company's main goal is to please your insurance company, NOT you. This can lead to poorly managed jobs and questionable restoration techniques. In the end, your valued home or business may receive a minimal level of service.

Contacting your insurance agent

Here is some good news in a chaotic environment. Your insurance agent generally is on your side and wants you to be well taken care of when catastrophe strikes. Your agent is also running a business, and great customer service is the best way for them to keep you as a client. Many agents are proactive and have sought out the best restoration companies in their area. If your agent has his own recommendation, then it is probably worth entertaining. Then there a some who want you to be taken care of but are completely oblivious to how the carrier runs the vendor program and don't realize that this could be detrimental to you and your property. They mean well, but sometimes well-meaning people can still cause you problems. If anyone ever directs you to the insurance carrier's vendor, proceed with caution.

Choosing Your Own Restoration Company

After you have politely declined the restoration company your insurance carrier recommends, you need to choose a restoration company you trust with your home or business. Check out our guide on what to look for when choosing a restoration company. Choosing your own restoration company will be beneficial to you because the company you choose has YOUR interests at heart. Their loyalty is to you, not an insurance vendor program, not an insurance carrier. They will provide you with professional services and techniques because they value your business and well-being. They understand that you need your home or business back to normal quickly and efficiently. Another important thing to remember about choosing your own restoration company over the company your insurance carrier recommends is that it will cost you the same amount either way. You will only be paying your deductible, picking the restoration company that you trust will be best for your family or employees. If a disaster strikes your home, upgrade to Mr. Restore over the insurance carrier's vendor. You will receive personal, top-notch services every step of the way. You will rest easy knowing our professionally trained technicians will carefully and quickly get your home or business back to normal. Mr. Restore will hold the insurance carrier accountable to ensure all your needs are met and covered. Don't settle for the minimal amount of service, contact Mr. Restore instead!