Understanding Mold: The Consequence of Flood Damage in Fort Worth, TX

As a consequence of flood damage in Fort Worth, TX there is a lot of devastation to the property and a lot of valuable belongings are damaged. But due to improper water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX, mold is another danger that keeps lurking even after you have attempted to recover and restore your house.

It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, it is critical that you take actions to reduce the mold or mildew in the environment you are living and working. Mold usually starts growing after flood damage in Fort Worth, TX. Mold in the air you breathe can be very dangerous. The most common sign that there is mold in the air is a peculiar musty smell.

Having mold around your living or working space is a serious concern. It is possible that you observe and see mold around the wall and furniture in your home or office. Unfortunately, though the dangerous and toxic mold that travels in the air that we breathe is invisible, yet still affecting the people who breathe it. Mold is known to seriously harm to the health of people exposed to it.

Clean and fresh air is not only important for the wellbeing of the physical body but according to ancient oriental medicine healthy air is also crucial for a healthy mind. It is obvious that without fresh, clean and healthy air the body will not function properly and when the body has discomfort and it is not functioning properly the mind will also be disturbed and will lose clarity and fail to function effectively.

Flood damage in Fort Worth, TX results in damage to property and also adversely affects the health. The growth of mold inside our homes has been medically known to cause allergic reactions and also many other health issues. According to several studies mold spores in the air cause depression and in worse cases, exposure to mold can also result in death.

Due to molds being so harmful it is important that we understand mold, which are often caused by flood damage in Fort Worth, TX. This article will help you understand mold and answer some common questions and clear doubts regarding molds.

What Exactly Is Mold?

Mold is a biological organism that can easily grow in different environments like inside the house or even outside in an open outdoor setting. Molds are very common to find around our environment. Molds are actually part of the Fungi kingdom.

Not all molds are bad; as a matter of fact, some are very important part of the nature or environment. They are needed to decompose dead rotting leaves and other matter in the nature.

What Is Needed for Mold to Spread and Grow?

Molds reproduce and expand by releasing tiny microscopic spores. When these spores are released they get airborne so they can travel and settle on other places and grow there on that area.

The number of spores the mold will release depends on several factors and thus the number of spores present and suspended in the indoor or the outdoor air at any particular time could vary. Some of the factors include season, temperature etc.

Why is Indoor Mold Dangerous and a Problem?

Mold is not something that causes much problem indoors until moisture or water is added to the equation. Therefore, mold outbreaks inside houses are a common concern after flood damage in Fort Worth, TX. Therefore, it is critical to get the help of professional water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX to minimize the threat of mold. Mold if not taken care of immediately and left unchecked will result in serious nuisance. Mold starts developing on and starts eating and damaging wooden structures and fibrous material like wooden flooring, kitchen cabinets, carpets, rugs, drywall etc. Mold will not only cause damage to property but will also affect human health.

What Color Is Mold?

Mold can be of any color. It is often misunderstood that mold is only black in color, which is far from the reality; mold can exist in all colors, to name a few, mold can be white, black, brown, red, yellow, orange, green, blue etc.

It is often a misunderstanding that all black molds are highly toxic, which is not always true most naturally occurring black molds are relatively safe and are not as harmful. And sometimes it is the white mold that is more dangerous than because they have a certain property. It is best to avoid any risk, and immediately contact water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX to avoid growth of any kind of mold.

What Does Mold Need to Grow Inside Your House?

For molds to flourish inside your homes it is important for them to have moisture or water and a source of food that it can consume in order to grow. Any organic substance can be considered a good source of food for molds. And the houses are all made of a lot of organic material like wood, paper, carpet, etc. So the most important thing that can be done is avoid water to seep into your houses and in case of any excess water flowing into the house it is important that you call water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.

Where Are the Places Inside Your Home Where Mold Is Likely to Grow?

Dark damp places are the ideal places for mold growth, there can be some types of molds that prefer to grow in areas where there is light. But more often than not these are the most common places around the house where molds tend to grow:

  • Between bathroom tiles
  • Behind washing Machines
  • Under the sink in the kitchens and toilets
  • Basement
  • Drywall
  • Ceiling

What Are the Different Types of Mold?

There are various species of mold but the following are the most common occurring mold types found indoors:

  • Aspergillus: This allergy causing mold is usually found on rotting food item or inside air conditioner
  • Cladosporum: This green or black mold usually grows behind toilets or fiberglass ducts, this nontoxic mold can still cause allergy.
  • Stachybotrys Atra: This mold is black in color and is toxic and can cause several illnesses it usually grows on drywalls or carpets.

The Bottom Line

Mold can be a serious issue and difficult to get rid of but it can easily be managed if professionally trained and well-equipped water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX is called after any sort of water damage. Mr. Restore is a well-equipped company that effectively deals with all sort of water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.