Mr. Restore, Fire & Water Damage Restoration, Lewisville, TX

Jim B.

When my rental property caught on fire, I was very concerned about fixing it due to the extensive nature of the damage. I had never dealt with a catastrophic event like this. I talked with a number of people and everyone had their own approach that they felt was the best path forward. When I finally got to talk with Clint with Mr. Restore, I had an idea of how I wanted to approach the situation. I talked it over with Clint and he did an amazing job of helping me deal with the insurance company. He leveraged the Exactimate tool, which is the same tool the insurance companies use, to create a detailed estimate of what needed to be fixed in order to put the house back to original condition. This estimate was unlike any I had ever seen before. It covered everything from the roof to electrical outlet covers. The great part about this was that it allowed me to make sure my insurance company accounted for every nickel it was going to take to fix this house, and because the estimates are in the same working format, it was easy for everyone involved in the process to be on the same page especially when I was out of town.

In the end, the house was a total loss through the insurance. Having somebody like Clint and Mr. Restore on your side in these situations is very beneficial. He doesn’t work for the insurance companies. He works for his customers and looks out for their best interests. This is a refreshing approach that I very much appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Restore.


Cherie C.

When my husband and I got home from our vacation, you could only imagine our disbelief that our guest bedroom closet was soaking wet, there was a huge rain storm while we were away! I called my insurance agency to see if she could recommend someone to help me. She had recommended Mr Restore. Clint and his men came out first thing the next morning and proceeded to start taking care of the closet. They took photos of the carpet and everything else that had water damage. They had pulled up the carpet and pad and made holes in the drywall to help dry it out. They had then brought in the drying fans and dehumidifiers to take care of the water. This was handled in a very quick and timely matter. The next day one of Clint’s men came out to check on the progress.

Unfortunately for us, the insurance company would not reimburse us for any of the damage but, Clint was happy to help us out with any of his costs that we had incurred.

Great company, highly recommend.


Annette H.

What I liked most about MrRestore was that they were always available, professional, and handled matters with the insurance company and obtained a good settlement.


Mark H.

My over all experience with MrRestore was wonderful and comforting in such a stressful and grueling time.


Hugh H.

I would definitely recommend MrRestore to a family member or a friend – they do quality workmanship and excellent customer service.