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storm damage

Storm Damage Restoration

When natural disasters hit, the whole community suffers and recovery from wind, flood and storm damage can impact several areas in and around Dallas TX.  That is why MrRestore offers emergency water cleanup and other storm-related damages to your home or commercial property.

Dealing with storm damage to your home or business can have impacts lasting for weeks. Restoring your property after tornado damage or another severe storm requires aggressive fast responding flood restoration and wind damage repair services.   

To help with the aftermath of a storm, following these simple safety tips:

  • If your home has suffered severe structural damage, do not enter the building.  A home with structure damage is unsafe due to the potential of cave-ins and other dangerous obstacles.
  • If you see power lines that have been blown over, be very cautious to steer clear of downed wires especially if near water.
  • A generator can be an excellent source of power while the electricity is down after a storm.  If you are using a generator be sure, place it outside and not in a closed area or near windows and doors.
  • The smell of natural gas is a sure warning sign of a gas leak.  Turn your gas meter off immediately and call your utility provider.
  • Stay tuned to local radio stations to stay connected with updates and warnings
  • It is hard to gauge how high flood waters are, do not risk getting stuck by driving your vehicle through high water.
  • Do not get on a roof or climb ladders unless experienced in doing so to avoid potential injuries.

Storm Damage is unpredictable and in just minutes inflicts severe water damage and structural damage to structures and their contents. The effects from storm damage and water damage often lead to costly business interruption, accompanied with extensive structural repairs that have been known to take months and sometimes years to fully restore.

As a result, it often takes much longer to overcome the financial impact from the damage. Minimizing your physical and financial loss when a storm strikes is our specialty! MrRestore professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools when responding to storm related events. We understand the challenges faced when storm damage occurs, and our trained professionals are ready to take the actions that will save you thousands of dollars on every loss. MrRestore professionals can handle your project from start to finish with the most effective and efficient restoration services in the business, while providing photo and written updates every step of the way.

Contact MrRestore today to make cleaning up after a storm efficient and safe.  Our expert restoration specialists can help with wet carpets and rugs, replace sheetrock and more.

storm damage


Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

MrRestore provides commercial storm damage restoration services. Storm damage to your commercial property can result in expensive repairs as well as business interruption. To limit the impact of a disaster to your business, MrRestore offers both pre-loss and claims-related services.Put MrRestore to work for you BEFORE your business suffers any fire, smoke, flood or water damage.

When fire, smoke, water or flood damage threaten your commercial property, call MrRestore, the most experienced Large Loss Specialist in the industry. We deliver the highest quality, most consistent, large loss commercial restoration service in the nation.



storm damage

 Residential Storm Damage Restoration

One thing that few people consider until it’s too late is to bring in things that can be carried by high winds inside. Things like bicycles, potted plants, yard decorations and other things can be picked up by storm winds and turned into projectiles (especially in tornado situations) that can cause severe property damage or injury.

Dallas see its share of hail storms, which in addition to roof and vehicle damage can lead to shattered windows in some cases (flying debris carried by high winds can cause this as well). While avoiding this altogether may be impossible, dealing with this kind of damage is as easy as having a few appropriately sized cuts of plywood stored in your garage or other storage area. Being able to put a piece of plywood in place of a broken window

MrRestore provides storm damage home repair for families . When your home and belongings are threatened by storm damage, let MrRestore get you back to normal, faster. We use  technology and proprietary practices to provide the most-effective and efficient full-service restoration services. We work with your insurance company to make certain all of your covered losses are recovered. As our customer, your needs are our priority.