Mr. Restore, Fire & Water Damage Restoration, Lewisville, TX

I talked it over with Clint and he did an amazing job of helping me deal with the insurance company. He leveraged the Exactimate tool, which is the same tool the insurance companies use, to create a detailed estimate of what needed to be fixed in order to put the house back to original condition.

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Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage often extends beyond the confines of a fire. Traveling through the air, smoke can infiltrate a structure and may seriously damage both the structure and contents of a building. MrRestore specializes in quick and proper mitigation of smoke damage, limiting the extent of damage to your property. Our immediate and expert attention restores your home and possessions to their pre-loss condition.

MrRestore goes to work immediately after your call to inspect and evaluate your smoke damage. Once you’ve signed a work order, we will limit any further damage and return your property to its pre-loss condition. Beyond removing the visible evidence of soot, thorough smoke damage often requires:

  • Cleaning of all ducts and ventilation systems
  • Specialized treatments for cleaning and deodorizing all impacted structures
  • Off-site removal and treatment (restoration) of textiles, furniture and belongings

MrRestore will take care of your entire claims related restoration project. We will work with your insurance company and coordinate the entire process to your complete satisfaction. With our exclusive READY system, you will be constantly aware of the status of your project, confident that MrRestore is working to get you back to normal faster.