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Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration: Fire Repair & Cleanup in Plano, TX

Fire can be an extremely destructive force and when that destructive force meets with your Plano home, the damage it can cause is tremendous. At Mr. Restore, we use our experience to safely and effectively apply fire restoration tactics to your home. Our fire damage restoration is designed to help you quickly and safely return to your Plano home and all its beauty. Let us help you recover your home from the destruction that fire brings.

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Our Initial Visits as Your Plano Fire Restoration Company

The very first thing we will do as your fire restoration company will be an emergency visit to secure your Plano home. It wouldn’t do to have your home collapse before we can even get started. Once that initial visit has been handled, we will begin the fire damage restoration process by assessing the damage. Losing parts of your home to a fire is hard. Let us help to make dealing with the aftermath a little easier.

Your Plano Home’s Fire Damage Cleanup

As we begin fire damage cleanup in your Plano home, we will lay down tarps and sheets to protect your home from further damage. We will then proceed to remove any items we believe can be fully cleaned and repaired such as paintings and remove the excess water that may still be pooling in your Plano home. At that point, we can begin the full cleaning of your home, removing dangerous chemicals and staining soot and smoke.

Fire Damage Restoration in Plano

The final steps in fire restoration is fire damage repair. Now that everything is cleaned, we can focus on getting stains out of your home and repairing any damage. Much of fire damage repair is major, sections of your Plano home likely being replaced in the process. With our 50+ years of experience, we know the safest ways to take care of your home. Let our experts at Mr. Restore take care of the repairs and restore your home to its former glory.

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When there’s been water, fire, tornado or flood damage to your home or commercial business, it’s difficult to know who to call to help clean up and repair the property. The answer is easy! Mr. Restore is a restoration company that provides comprehensive restoration services, as well as environmental remediation. Contact Mr. Restore today! We are available 24/7 and can be at your property in 60 minutes!

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