Hear the Beep Where you Sleep

Hear the Beep Where you Sleep

This year’s theme for the National Fire Protection Association Fire Prevention week is “Hear the Beep Where you Sleep-Every Bedroom needs a working smoke alarm”. The key message of the campaign, October 4-10, is to install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of your home. If you have a large home, you may need more alarms to keep your family safe. More helpful tips include:

-Install a smoke alarm in all bedrooms and where anyone sleeps.

-Smoke alarms should be tested once a month.

-Replace your smoke alarm every 10 years.

-If the smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside.

-If it makes a chirping sound, replace the battery and then test the alarm.

The NFPA has many resources available to help get your home safe, click here for more tips and resources.


Source: NFPA