A tree felled by hurricane Sandy lands on a home inflicting damage.

Storm Damage Restoration Company: Residential & Commercial Storm Damage Repair in Frisco, TX

Hailstorms can hit anywhere and at any time. When hail damages your Frisco home or business, Mr. Restore will be there to help you get your property healthy and beautiful again. Our storm restoration experts can handle wind damage restoration and hail damage repairs that your Frisco property needs. When a storm strikes, the damage can be difficult to see and may fester, creating more problems in the future. Let us handle it so that you can relax and enjoy the safety of your property.

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Start Your Frisco Storm Restoration with Documentation

Right after a storm hits, it is important to document the damage. Our storm damage repair experts can help you document all the damage with detailed notes and will even include photographs. With their experience in wind damage restoration and hail damage repair, our team can find even the more hidden damage to your Frisco home or business. This documentation is important for your insurance claims. Let us help you take care of it so that you can rest assured it is done properly.

Assessing the Damage Before Storm Damage Cleanup

Your storm damage cleanup experts must complete a thorough assessment before they can begin your hail damage restoration. This assessment allows us to find the hidden damage to your Frisco property before it can fester. In addition, this assessment will allow us to give you a proper estimate of the damage and needed services for your Frisco property. Allow us to discover all the damage to your Frisco home or business so that we can repair all of it, preventing you from having issues in the future.

Storm Damage Repairs for Your Frisco Property

Once the assessment is complete, we can begin the hail damage restoration for your Frisco property. Hail and wind storms can cause a great deal of damage. As a result of this, it is often necessary to replace everything that was damaged on your home or business. You can trust the experts at Mr. Restore to identify, cleanup, and restore the damaged areas of your property so that you can enjoy your property again.

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When there’s been water, fire, tornado or flood damage to your home or commercial business it’s difficult to know who to call to help clean up and repair the property. The answer is easy! Mr. Restore is a restoration company that provides comprehensive restoration services, as well as environmental remediation. Contact Mr. Restore today, we are available 24/7 and can be at your property in 60 minutes!

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