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Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration: Fire Repair & Cleanup in Frisco, TX

When a fire hits your Frisco property, it can cause an almost unbelievable amount of damage. As a fire restoration company, Mr. Restore will come to your home or business and assess the damage, clean up the damage, and repair the parts of your property that need it as fast as we possibly can. Our experts know the safest way to clean your home to make it safe for you and your family to occupy again. Let us bring your Frisco property back to you, just as it was before.

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Our Initial Visits for Your Fire Restoration

The very first visit we make to your property after a fire will involve us stabilizing your Frisco property. This step is important to make sure that your property doesn’t undergo any further damage while we are preparing for the full fire restoration process. After your Frisco house is stabilized, our experts will assess the damage to know exactly what needs to be fixed. This is when we will give you a quote and let you know the extent of the damage to your Frisco home or business.

Frisco: Fire Damage Cleanup

The next step in the process is fire damage cleanup. We will contain the damage, covering your Frisco property in tarps or sheets to keep the damage from spreading. Water left over from the fire department will be dried and items that can be fully cleaned and restored will be carefully removed. We will clean up soot and smoke, both of which can be dangerous to you and your family. Once the cleaning is done, we will move on to the final steps in the fire damage restoration process.

Fire Damage Repair from Your Fire Restoration Company

Now that your Frisco home or business is clean of debris, soot, and smoke, we can focus on fire damage repair. This part of fire damage restoration consists of cleaning the stains left by soot and smoke and repairs. The repairs needed after a fire are often extensive. Our experts will work to make the repairs quick and will return your Frisco property to the condition it was in before the fire.

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When there’s been water, fire, tornado or flood damage to your home or commercial business it’s difficult to know who to call to help clean up and repair the property. The answer is easy! Mr. Restore is a restoration company that provides comprehensive restoration services, as well as environmental remediation. Contact Mr. Restore today, we are available 24/7 and can be at your property in 60 minutes!

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