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Flood & Water Damage Restoration: Water Damage Repair & Cleanup in Carrollton, TX

Mr. Restore is the Carrollton area’s trusted flood and water restoration company. Our services are available 24/7 and we execute the water damage repair process immediately after we receive your call because any hesitation can lead to further damage of your property. We are a full-service water damage and flood restoration company in Carrollton, which means that we provide water damage cleanup as well as repair services for your home or business. Mr. Restore will also help you communicate with your insurance company, so you receive the full benefit of your coverage.

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Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency services,
but we are also on site within the hour.

Carrollton’s 24/7 Emergency Water Restoration Company

Water damage can strike at any time of the day or night and from a multitude sources, from flooding to burst piping. Mr. Restore’s expert assistance is available 24/7 and will be at your home of business in Carrollton in under an hour in order to begin drying out your property. The sooner we begin drying your building or home, the greater chance you have of reducing the chance of mold growing or other further damage occurring. Each of our project managers have been trained and certified by the American Drying Institute, so you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is being treated with the latest technology and proprietary techniques.

Water Damage Cleanup Services Available in Carrolton

Before Mr. Restore’s team of drying and dehumidifying experts can commence working on your home or business in Carrollton, our water damage cleanup crew must first remove any standing water that has accumulated within your property. They will use pumps to quickly remove the water from your home or business while taking extra care to use sanitary practices if the water is contaminated. Flood water often backs up or bursts sewer pipes polluting the water flowing through Carrollton and our water damage cleanup team will disinfect and sanitize all parts of your home or business that touched the contaminated water.

Water Damage Repair and Flood Restoration in Carrollton

Mr. Restore’s expert staff members have the keen eye needed to spot all the ways water can damage a building in Carrollton once it has been cleaned and dried out. We will check the foundation of your home or business in order to ensure its stability, while sealing any cracks that may lead to water creeping inside. We will also make sure that your gutters and drainage have not been altered by flood so that water flows away from your home, keeping your siding from rotting at the grown level and water seeping into your foundation.

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When there’s been water, fire, tornado or flood damage to your home or commercial business it’s difficult to know who to call to help clean up and repair the property. The answer is easy! Mr. Restore is a restoration company that provides comprehensive restoration services, as well as environmental remediation. Contact Mr. Restore today, we are available 24/7 and can be at your property in 60 minutes!

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