Water you Waiting For?! Call Mr Restore!

Water damage seems to always hit at the worst time possible, but thankfully Mr Restore will be on the scene in the hour to help you out! Did you know that water damage is more than 8 times more likely to occur to a structure than any other catastrophic event?! Water damage can happen from many different things—big things like floods and hurricanes, or small things like a leaking dishwasher, air conditioner or washing machine, to name a few. No matter the size of the damage, Mr Restore is here to help fix it as quickly as possible!  

Whatever the cause of the water damage is, Mr Restore’s team has a keen eye to figure out the issue, and fix it as soon as possible! Not only do we have the best team when it comes to being a restoration company, but we also have the best equipment to suit your needs and get the job done as quick as possible. You might think that a couple of towels will do the job to “clean up” what has happened, but it is best that you give Mr Restore a call to scope out the possible damage! Not only do we get the job done quickly, but we have our services backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  


Water Damage?! Here’s Some Tips! 

Since Mr Restore, your top restoration company in Dallas, will be on the scene within the hour, you won’t have much time to get your ducks in a row; however, here are some important tips to keep in mind if water damage happens to you!  

  • Excess water?! Mop it up! Although your mopping and blotting won’t solve the water damage, it will help it from further ruining parts of your house. 

  • DO NOT use a vacuum to suck up water! It’s a safety hazard!  

  • Do you have items hanging on the wall? Remove them and move them to a safe (and dry) area. 

  • DO NOT use your household appliances (i.e. oven, TV, washer/drier) to be safe. Water damage can move quickly!  

  • Gather any loose items on the ground around the water damage. It allows for you to keep items safe, as well as allows us at Mr Restore to get in and work on the space quicker.  

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