3 Reasons to Select Mr. Restore for Fire Damage Restoration

In the time shortly after emergency responders address the immediate needs of a fire, you are left to assess the damage and determine next best steps. Selecting the right fire damage restoration provider in a time of duress is no simple feat. Mr. Restore is here to mitigate losses and limit the impact of fire and smoke damage. We’ve rounded up 3 reasons you should select Mr. Restore to manage your fire damage restoration needs.


Response Time

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is not something you can plan for. That’s why here at Mr. Restore we have a 24/7 response service to help you in your time of need, regardless of what time of day or night that need may spring up. Mr. Restore will schedule an initial emergency visit and then provide a free evaluation of the fire and smoke damage, followed by a candid discussion about your specific restoration needs.


Full Transparency

Entrusting a company to handle a project as important as restoring a beloved home or property isn’t easy. We try to make this process as transparent and seamless as possible for our customers, keeping them informed every step of the way. By leveraging easy-to-use technology, we can share photo and document updates to keep clients in the loop on progress as it is made.


Depth of Experience

Having been in the restoration business for over half a century, it’s safe to say that the Mr. Restore team has experience in dealing with a wide range of issues that arise after a fire. In addition to addressing smoke and fire damage, we also routinely address any water damage and potential flooding that may result from efforts to stop the fire. As a part of our compounded disaster restoration services, we can also help restore areas not directly impacted by the fire but also requiring attention.


Mr. Restore services Amarillo, Dallas and Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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