Spring Storm Emergency Preparation

Spring is finally here! Before we are able to enjoy May’s flowers however, we unfortunately have to prepare for April’s showers. Springtime in Texas can bring catastrophic storms, including tornadoes, hail, high winds, and heavy precipitation. It is important to prepare your home, business and family for possible disasters. In order to keep your family and possessions safe, you should have an emergency plan in place when an expected storm is headed to your community. Mr. Restore has repaired hundreds of properties in Dallas due to storm damage. Your property can be replaced, but your family and employees cannot.

Different types of storms can lead to different types of hazards, but it is important to have basic plans and routes prepared so you can act quickly. Mr. Restore has a few tips to help keep your family and property safe.

Have a Communications Plan

Before a storm hits,  communicate with your family and employees a course of action should a heavy storm threaten your safety. High winds, tornadoes, and floods could lead to dangerous circumstances. When everyone in your home or building knows the plan and acts accordingly, it could save their lives. It is possible that you may need to quickly implement the plan and evacuate. Discussing and preparing these topics beforehand could save valuable time. Important things to plan and discuss are:

  1. What is the evacuation route? Plan and discuss the procedures for evacuation if a State of Emergency is called. The U.S. Department of Transportation provides emergency evacuation routes for Dallas and surrounding areas. Go over this with the members of your home or business and be prepared to execute.

  2. Where should we meet for shelter in the building? In extreme cases, including tornadoes and hurricanes, having a shelter plan in place could mean the difference between life and death. Shelter should be selected in the lowest level of the building and in an interior room away from windows, doors, outside walls, and corners. You may not know how long you will have to seek shelter, be sure you have supplies at your shelter’s location.

  3. Where are our emergency kits and supplies? Know where you keep your emergency supplies. We provide a detailed list of important things to include in your emergency kit below. Ensure each member of the household or business knows where they are located.

  4. Who’s responsible for what? Who will be in charge of grabbing emergency supplies? Who will be in charge of driving if evacuations are necessary? Who will be in charge of taking care of household pets?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides a detailed worksheet and walkthrough to help you, your family, and your business further prepare an emergency communication plan.

Have an Emergency Kit Prepared

It is almost impossible to predict exactly how long you may be in your shelter, if the power will go out, or if you need to evacuate your town altogether. It is critical that you have an emergency kit prepared in case of severe circumstances. Consider the following items when preparing an emergency kit:

  • Food - at least a 3-day supply

  • Water - one gallon per person per day (3 days)

  • Extra batteries

  • Radio to receive emergency warnings and alerts

  • Flashlight

  • Change of clothes for members of household

  • Manual can opener for food

  • First aid kit

  • Portable cell phone charger and batteries

  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags, and other personal sanitation items

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Prescription and other medications if needed

  • Cash or travelers checks - remember, ATMs may not be working if power is down

  • Pet food and extra water

  • Warm blanket

  • Infant formula and food

  • Clothing

  • Games, books, puzzles, and other entertaining activities

After a storm has passed, there are likely many things that need to addressed. Many families find themselves picking up their yard, restocking supplies, and helping community members around them. The Texas Department of Public Safety provides resources and tips for post-storm preparedness.

If you find your home or business damaged after a storm from Spring’s heavy precipitation, high winds, hail, or floods, Mr. Restore has over 50 years of restoration experience. Our certified technicians and experts have the most advanced technology and techniques to help you recover from a Spring storm damage.