Calling Mr Restore for Fire Cleanup is the Smart Move

A fire of any magnitude in your home can be absolutely devastating. This is especially true for fans of the show “This Is Us”. This show has been a friendly reminder for everyone to check all smoke detectors in your home—safety first!

If a fire devastates your home, your first instinct is probably to pick up what is left inside the house. Instead, we caution you to reach out to the smoke and fire restoration professionals at Mr Restore—we are the professionals that can handle this situation properly. Below, we are going to detail three reasons why giving Mr Restore a call after a fire should be your first move.

Fire Damage Cleanup—It Can Be Dangerous

There is a reason why we here at Mr Restore are smoke and fire restoration professionals. We are trained to handle the cleanup. Not so surprisingly, damage from a fire and cleaning it up can be very a very dangerous process. It can be dangerous from things you might not necessarily think of—broken class, sharp objects that have broken, and a ton of other issues that can affect your health. Trust the experts—we will be able to use the right tools and equipment to go inside the building and start getting your house back to normal.



We know regulations like the back of our hand—so you know that you can trust us to take care of your home. As professionals, we are well versed in different community’s different requirements—like how the cleanup must be handled (i.e. where to dispose of the debris). By using Mr Restore, you won’t have to question what you are doing—you can trust us, the professionals!

We’re Mr Restore, so…

We will do our best to restore as many items as we can! The advantage to working with us is that we are able to cleanup items using our equipment that you may have assumed were completely ruined if you did not give us a call. We will carefully go through all of your items to see what we can save—and we will do our best to restore anything we can. Things like: your flooring, furniture, appliances, and anything in between—if anyone can restore it, it’s Mr Restore!

If your home need fire and smoke restoration, Mr Restore is your go-to fire restoration company!

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