Say "Hail No" to Hail Damage!

Hail damage might not be something that is on your mind a lot, but hail storms can really do a number on your house! Thankfully at Mr Restore, we are here to help you when a hail storm does it’s very best to ruin your house. Hail can create leaky roofs, pockmarked siding, and broken windows or skylights that can suddenly become huge issues. With issues like this leading to possible water damage, Mr Restore knows the in’s and out’s to helping you get back on track!  

Now that the hail season is quickly approaching, we want to let you know that we are here to help you in your time of need. Like we always say, damage never happens at a convenient time—which is why Mr Restore is always open to help with possible hail damage! We will be on site within an hour to help you and fix up your house before the damage can wreak further havoc!


Here to Help 

Hail damage can be rough, and even if the hail isn’t golf ball sized pieces, it can still cause issues. Hail can be super damaging to your roof, windows, siding, and can cause breakage that leads to water damage. That’s why it is best to trust Mr Restore in a time like this—we can get the job done right in a fast and cost-effective manner!  

The biggest issue with hail is that it can cause a lot of damage quickly, and without you even noticing! Damage can be easily hidden (i.e. not visible to you), but can weaken your roof, and then suddenly, your roof is leaking! Thankfully, no matter the case—Mr Restore is here to fix the issues that hail might have caused (even if it happened months ago)!  

Small pieces of hail can still cause a lot of damage. No matter how big or how small, hail tries to do it’s best to make your house susceptible to water damage. This means that your roof can get a leak, and then all of a sudden you have water dripping from your ceilings! As always, Mr Restore can help you in your time of (hail-induced) need!  


Hail is tricky—you might get enough ice to have an “ice day” at school, but it can also lead to a lot of damage to your house (without you even noticing)! Whether the hail damages your house during the storm or works together with other issues later down the line—Mr Restore is always here to help!

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