Preparing your House for a Fire

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Obviously, you never want to have a fire at your home (and we don’t want you to have a fire, either!!)—but it is always important to be prepared! This is when the saying "you'd rather be safe than sorry" really comes in hand. The scariest part about fire damage is that it can it doesn’t always come from inside the house. In light of the fires that are devastating California, we want to highlight some more ways that you can prepare yourself for any sort of fire with some ways to update your house in case of a fire from the inside, and what to do if there are fires from the outside—like in California


Updating your House

We already wrote a blog on some tricks and tips on what to do if a fire devastates your home, but we have some more tips and tricks on how you can possibly prevent a fire! We find that most people buy, and install, simple smoke alarms—the ones that are powered by batteries and make that horrible beeping noise when they run low. However, there is a new and improved way to detect smoke that we always suggest—an integrally mounted unit. When you choose this over the battery-operated option, it will be wired into your homes electrical system! No more annoying beeping! Also, it still does have batteries for backup (in case you lose power, they will still work)!

 An example of an integrated smoke detector

An example of an integrated smoke detector

This is a friendly reminder, also, that if you do have battery operated smoke detectors that you should check the batteries once a month!

Wildfires—What to Do

When it comes to fires that happen outside your home, it really can be terrifying. Us at Mr Restore suggest that you get all the information you possibly can about the fires—find answers to if you should evacuate through sources like the news, social media, and alerts on your phone. This is important to follow, because those that are trained to deal with and put out the fires are the ones that are giving you this vital information!


Fires are devastating, but there are steps you can take to make yourself the most prepared you can be! As always, if and when you need Mr Restore, we will be on the scene in under an hour!