Fire Damage—Helpful Tips from Mr Restore

Although we genuinely do hope that you never have to use these tips from us, there are some helpful tips that we are here to offer you if a fire ever does devastate your home or commercial land.  

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Before we give you some tips that we have found helpful—we want to show you why you should trust us! To begin, we have decades of experience dealing with the aftermath of fire damage and smoke damage. This is good for you because that means we will know what steps to take next in order to save you time and money, while also doing everything we can to minimize your losses. The first thing we will do is make sure that we secure the structure—this helps prevent further damage. Next, we start cleaning and restoring what we can. Throughout the whole process, we send you pictures and other updates through email—we are here to help and we want to do the best we can to make this process as painless as possible. We know you are already going through so much, we want to do everything we can to stop the damage.  


Our Tips! 

Now that we have your trust, here are our tips! Again, we really do hope you never have to use our tips—but it is important to be up-to-date with these, when the worst-case scenario may hit.  

  1. Never re-enter a home until it has been declared safe—by either Mr Restore or the fire department. We know this can be really, really hard because you want to go in and save more of your things. However, it is highly unsafe to do, so please do not go in!! 
  2. Never touch any of your belongings after a fire has happened with bare hands. The oils on your fingers can further damage belongings. Similar to the first tip, this is going to be difficult because you want to be able to touch your things—but we promise you it will only make things worse. 
  3. Always wear gloves and other protective clothing when going through your belongings after a fire. Safety first!  
  4. Keep your windows open! Ventilation is key. 
  5. Do not run an HVAC system (if your electricity is on). This will further spread the chemicals that fire damage can cause, while also damaging parts of the building (home or business) that were not affected.  


Let Mr Restore take care of your job. We know the ins and outs of fire damage and will make sure we do the job right. We will make sure that we understand how the fire started before we begin treating it (because depending on how the fire started, you need to use different products)! We really are the areas most trusted restoration service company when it comes to fire damage!

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