Mr Restore—Sewage Damage Restoration

Mr Restore specializes in both sewage damage that may occur and when sewage water leaks into your home, and the cleanup that is necessary after the damage has been done. Today, we are going to talk about the possible health outcomes that may come from sewage leaks, and how Mr Restore can help you out during your time of need! Remember, we are always here to help you!


Health Risks 

Every year, over seven million people can suffer from different illnesses that come with being exposed to raw sewage. This can range from different viruses (like Hepatitis A), bacteria (like E. Coli), and parasites (that could cause slight fevers, or worse). These health risks that are associated with raw sewage comes from something called “black water”. This “black water” damage is relatively common—and although it is very common, it is very hard to work around and fix. Because of these possible health damages that come along with sewage issues, it is imperative that you contact us, at Mr Restore, right away! Thankfully, because we are a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service. We will be on the scene in less than an hour!  


How we Help! 

At Mr Restore, we have Certified Restoration Specialists. These specialists are trained to do what is necessary to clean up the sewage—and that includes: disinfecting the area, cleaning the area, and sanitizing the sewage damages. This is all done to not only shrink the changes of the health risks we spoke to about, but also to stop further damage that may occur. Like we said earlier, although this type of damage is common—making sure it is picked up properly is hard to do. Mr Restore will not only get the job done right, but it will be done quickly. After the damage, we are more than willing to do more work to help you! This includes: removing, repairing, replacing, and/or remodeling the affected area(s). Sewage damage is something that is horrible to go through, but thankfully here at Mr Restore, we are here to help you and your unique situation!

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Here at Mr Restore, we understand the importance of a hassle-free and efficient clean up—please contact us today (or when you need us) to help you in a sewage situation before it gets too sticky!