Storm Damage Restoration & Repair in Amarillo, TX

Severe storms can cause a lot of damage to businesses and homes in Amarillo. Our storm damage restoration process begins with an assessment of your property to determine if there is any contamination or pollution concerns that require remediation. Once the storm damage cleanup has been completed, we will begin the restoration of your Amarillo home or business to its pre-loss condition (if not better). Our line of repair services encompasses all forms of storm damage from wind to hail damage restoration. We will handle the communication with your insurance company to guarantee that your full loss is covered—you are our priority, not the insurance company.

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Storm Damage Cleanup in Amarillo

Before Mr. Restore can begin any storm damage restoration, we must first address any remediation concerns. Remediation is the process of removing and cleaning up pollution and contamination in the wake of sever storms. Storm damage clean up is more than just gathering debris from damaged homes and trees in Amarillo. When trees are uprooted, they can burst sewer pipes or wind can topple above ground oil tanks causing environmental dangers.

Storm Damage Repairs for Amarillo Businesses and Homes

Once sewage and pollution concerns have been addressed Mr. Restore can begin storm damage restoration measures on your home or business in Amarillo. Our team utilizes cutting edge tools to provide you with the more effective and efficient restoration service in the industry. It is our mission to get your company up and running as soon as possible—the same goes for returning you to your home in Amarillo. Through out the entire storm damage repair process you will have access to written and photographic updates, so you know our exact progress.

Hail Damage Restoration Service in Amarillo

Even smaller hailstones can cause significant damage to homes or businesses in Amarillo. Mr. Restore’s hail damage restoration experts are great at assessing the, often hard to see, damage these chunks of ice can inflict on roof, air conditioning units, windows, and siding. We are available 24/7, so do not wait to have us come out for a free estimate—time will only increase the possibility of further damage to your property.

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When there’s been water, fire, tornado or flood damage to your home or commercial business it’s difficult to know who to call to help clean up and repair the property. The answer is easy! Mr. Restore is a restoration company that provides comprehensive restoration services, as well as environmental remediation. Contact Mr. Restore today, we are available 24/7 and can be at your property in 60 minutes!

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